Translation Agency “Lingua” has been in the translation services market since 1998 in comparison with many other translation agencies in Lviv and generally within the territory of Ukraine. During this period, due to our experience and highly qualified translators, our Translation Agency occupied one of the first positions in the market of translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services comparing to other translation bureaus not only in Lviv but all over Ukraine.

Even if you hear of our translation agency for the first time, most probably you have already encountered the results of our work. They may be found everywhere. These are the translations of medicine and food labels, translations of domestic appliances manuals, translations of legal, medical, technical and other specialized texts, etc.

Translation Agency “Lingua” does translations and performs interpreting from all European languages and other popular foreign languages. Our translators are experts in the field-related translations.

In the Translation Agency “Lingua” all the translations are done by certified translators, that is by highly qualified specialised translators, from different languages, thus, our translations correspond to the highest standards not only in terms of the language, but also as regards correspondence to that field the translation pertains to.

Our Translation Agency provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services not only in Lviv, but also in other cities of Ukraine. Our translators accompany foreign guests during their personal and business trips; do translations during personal and business meetings as well as conferences.

When addressing our Translation Agency you may expect the individual approach and adequate rendering of services since spotless reputation is our main heritage. We exert maximum efforts so as our clients would receive more than they expect. We are looking forward to cooperation with you!


Our benefits

Experienced and qualified tutors of Polish

Individual approach

Application of modern teaching methods and materials

Balanced development of all the basic language skills

Friendly atmosphere and perfect learning environment

Convenient location of our office and time of training courses